Iloilo City Hall imposes cost cutting, saving measures

Iloilo City government will impose cost cutting and saving measures in different offices as part of its efforts to save on operating expenses.

Mayor Jerry Treñas issued Executive Order (EO) No. 57 on Monday, June 6, 2022, providing for cost cutting, saving measures, and system improvement of Iloilo City Government and adopting Resolution No. 4 series of 2022 of the duly recognized employees’ association of Iloilo City government.

Resource Employees Association of the City Hall (REACH) issued Resolution No. 4 last May 20, 2022 supporting the cost cutting, saving measures, and systems improvement of the city government.

Under the guidelines, the city government mandates maximum utilization of manpower. Hence, there shall be no filling up of unnecessary vacant positions unless there is a dire need to do so.

Travel of city officials and employees which are not beneficial to office work or to the improvement of the Iloilo City government will also be strictly discouraged.

“Travels or seminars may only be permitted if they are mandated, directly related to office works or can be justified that the same contributes for the benefit of the employees in relation to his functions or positions in the Iloilo City government,” the EO said.

Meanwhile, the use of air-conditioning system in the City Hall will only be allowed from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at a temperature of 24 degrees Celsius.

Unnecessary use of office equipment and facilities such as but not limited to the use of computers, air conditioners, and government vehicles are strictly discouraged to reduce the maintenance cost.

The Iloilo City government also mandates the strict observance and enforcement of the office policies on punctuality and efficiency of personnel.

Furthermore, overtime services shall be minimized.

“The utilization of labor, power, water, supplies, and materials shall also be managed properly and maximized to its full usage. Recycling shall be observed, if possible.”

Improvement of the system and intensification of revenue collection shall also be observed in the City Hall.

All concerned personnel shall likewise be encouraged to find means to improve and/or to intensify the submission of revenue collection progress reports.

Aside from this, the gas allowance of the city government shall also be reduced by 10%.

Meanwhile, the free transportation or “Libre Sakay” for City Hall employees shall also cease to operate.

According to Treñas, the guidelines will help in cost cutting, saving measures and system improvement in the city government to have considerable savings in the city’s operating expenses.

“There is a need to adopt the said resolution for compliance for employees of all offices in order to cause considerable savings in the city government’s operating expenses for the entire year of 2022,” he said. (DG)