Iloilo Bloggers Inc. Invades Binondo for a food walk experience

By A Not So Secret Life and Randomly Candid

The world’s oldest China town and an epitome of the past, there is no better way to learn more about Binondo than doing an epic food crawl. Binondo is an ideal place for gourmands who seek authentic Chinese food or perhaps authentic Oriental fare. From pork dumplings to fried siopao, Binondo has it all. The next time you’re there, try to check these restaurants/bakeries out.  It’s worth trying.

Lord Stow’s Bakery, home of Macau’s famous egg tarts. Literally, Macau’s egg tarts, because they are exported from Macau. Soft, creamy, it just melts in your mouth. Simply taking a bite is heavenly. These small tarts are light yet filling. Lord Stow also offers other delicacies such as cakes, coffee, spreads, and even soups!

Selling traditional Chinese delicacies since 1947, Salazar Bakery deserves a visit. Actually, it is so famous that it is part of the Chinatown Food Tour. It has all sorts of Chinese delicacies from tikoy to mooncakes and an assortment of hopia. Keeping up with the changing time, they also have bread and cakes. The bakery is always filled with customers hoarding their favorites.

Happy Delicious Kitchen, the name piqued our curiosity. Taking a step inside, we were hit with the mouthwatering smell of the delicious food on display. Offering authentic Taiwanese cuisine in a Filipino turo-turo style, this restaurant has the right to be called a happy delicious kitchen. You will definitely be happy with the delicious yet cheap food.

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For the ultimate Hong Kong dining experience, Golden Fortune Seafood Restaurant is the place to be. This classy restaurant serves authentic Chinese cuisine such as siomai, dumplings and shabu shabu as well as a wide variation of Asian dishes and their “Paluto”. They are a big hit as they offer a discount on all food after 9 pm. 50% discount on delectable food, who can resist that?

Shanghai fried siopao has been hyped for decades as it gives a twist on the traditional steamed white bun. It’s really not the whole siopao that is fried but just the bottom of the mantou. Customers don’t mind the 30-minute queue so long as they get their hands on one of these siopaos. Really cheap and undeniably delicious, the filling is generous, and worth every penny. Besides their signature siopao, they also serve dumplings, siomai and kikiam.

Cafe Mezzanine, also known as the fireman’s coffee shop, as all the revenue of Cafe Mezzanine is donated to the Binondo Paco Fire Search and Rescue Brigade. Thus, it is not a surprise to see firemen’s helmet and memorabilia bedecking the place. Despite that, it gives off a cool, homey vibe. Café Mezzanine’s menu consists of abundant choices of special soups and noodles, and of course, no restaurant in Binondo will be complete without dimsum in their table d’hôte. One of their house specials is the kiampong, which is a kind of fried rice created by a Filipino-Chinese resident of Binondo.