ICPO monitors new gangs to avert violence

By Jennifer P. Rendon


The Iloilo City Police Office (ICPO) is monitoring youth gangs in the metropolis to ward off violence among their members.

The move was fomented by a rumble between two alleged gangs at the Sunburst Park in City Proper district.

Police Executive Master Sergeant Ruth Laudato, ICPO Women and Children’s Protection Desk (WCPD) chief clerk, said that they are reaching out to newly formed gangs for an intervention program.

The gangs will be asked to join the “Batang Pandilla” project, which was formerly known as Project B.O.N.G.

Laudato clarified, though, that joining Batang Pandilla will not spare gang members facing criminal charges.

“If they are facing criminal charges, they have to go through the regular process,” she said.

It can be noted that following several misdemeanors involving minors in 2017, ICPO launched Project B.O.N.G. or “Bringing Order to the Nemesis of Gangs.”

It was created to address youth gang problems in the metropolis by creating programs to achieve holistic growth for the youth who are strong-rooted, comfortable, and secured.

Project BONG was aimed to shape, inspire and mobilize (SIM) youth gang members who are God-centered and are able to manage themselves emotionally and physically.

The project initially targeted out-of-school youth and tambays.

Laudato said Project BONG saw the participation of 27 gangs in the PNP-led activities.

Five of these gangs are in City Proper district – SPERM (Strong People Real Men); BRB (Batang Rebeldeng Brutal); Bad Bum; DOCE (12) Gang; and SPERM Junior.

Seven are from La Paz and Lapuz districts – LBS (Little Brown Style); TBS (True Brown Style) – La Paz District; MBS (Mga Batang Sikat); Homeboys; Guardians; Gori Gang; and OR (Oliy’s Republic).

Jaro has seven gangs – TYGA (Thank You God Always); YBG; PTS (Pinoy Thug Syndicate); T-God (Thank God); Heart Heart; TBS (True Brown Style) –Jaro District; and Collins.

The Molo-based gangs are Roll-up and LGS.

Meanwhile, Mandurriao district has five – Cool Amigos; TYGA (Thank You God Always); Strong Kids; STS (Street True Side); and Barbie.

Arevalo district has one – the MS1 (McStuffins).

But while there are police officers who are tasked to reach out to these youngsters, Laudato said that the primary responsibility of looking after them is with the parents or guardians.