I Became a DJ in Thirty Minutes

By Titus Villanueva
Taking a step back from the lore-heavy miniature games we often see on my page, let’s look at a few table-top games. This week, we’re looking at Dropmix, the card game that gets you to appreciate EDM music in just a few seconds.
The game comes with several decks of cards that correspond to different parts of known songs. From the drumbeat of ‘Sexy Back’ to the vocals of ‘Call Me Maybe’, the deck includes iconic beats and sounds that you can mix together by placing the cards on a console that reads the RFID signatures of each card.
Of course, I had to create a remix of The Final Countdown that segued to Down with the Sickness using the latter’s iconic ‘Ooh-Ahh-Ahh-Ahh-Ahh!’ track. Most games come with a game board and some dice, but this one thinks out the box by utilizing some electronics and some RFID cards.
The game even includes a clash mode where you and your opponent use two different decks and have a DJ showdown with each other, seeing who can create the best combinations with the sounds on hand. It tests your knowledge of music and your ability to identify which sounds sound best together.
Innovation in games needs to be exposed more and this is one party game that really does that, proving that card games, like most games, are constantly evolving. It really makes you wonder what they’ll come up with next.
Next week, we will cover Betrayal Legacy, one of my personal favorites.