Hundreds of firecracker traders in WV apply for permit

By Jennifer P. Rendon

It’s beginning to look, and sound, a lot like Christmas.

The Regional Civil Security Unit (RCSU)-6 on Friday confirmed that hundreds of individuals who are into the business of firecrackers and pyrotechnics devices have applied for permits.

Lieutenant Colonel Robert Petate, RCSU-6 regional director, said RCSU offices all over the country have started processing permits since October 3. It will accept applications until December 16.

“But we received the first batch of applications the first week of November already,” Petate said.

Release of approved applications will be until December 31 this year.

Latest reports indicated that 13 dealers, 9 manufacturers, and 684 retailers already applied for permits with RCSU-6.

“We released approved applications but they were all conditional,” he said.

By conditional, “it is not valid without the LGU’s (local government unit) permit,” Petate said.

He added there could be no additional applicants in the coming days based on the number of permits they have processed in the past few years.

It can be noted that former President Rodrigo Duterte signed Memorandum Order No. 31 on Oct. 29, 2018 instructing the PNP and other concerned agencies to strictly implement laws and regulations on the sale, manufacture, and use of firecrackers and pyrotechnic devices.

Under the said order, the processing of new licenses and permits will be suspended pending a review of existing licensees’ and permittees’ compliance with laws and regulations.

On June 20, 2017, Duterte also signed Executive  Order No. 28 “Providing for the Regulation and Control of the Use of Firecrackers and Other Pyrotechnics Devises.”

Meanwhile, Petate has reminded sellers and even buyers of the provisions of Republic Act 7183 (An Act Regulating the Sale, Manufacture and Use of Firecrackers and Other Pyrotechnic Devices, and the promotion of health and safety and general welfare of the people).

The said law identifies the common types of firecrackers and pyrotechnic devices that may be manufactured, sold, distributed, and used.

For firecrackers, these include:

* Baby rocket;

* Bawang;

* Small triangulo;

* Pulling of strings;

* Paper caps;

* El diablo;

* Watusi;

* Judah’s belt;

* Sky rocket; and

* Other types equivalent to the foregoing in explosive content.

For pyrotechnic devices, allowed are:

* Sparklers;

* Luces;

* Fountain;

* Jumbo regular and special;

* Mabuhay;

* Roman candle;

* Trompillo;

* Airwolf;

* Whistle device;

* Butterfly;

* All kinds of pyrotechnic devices (pailaw); and

* Other types equivalent to the foregoing devices.

For persons caught selling unauthorized firecrackers and pyrotechnics devices, Petate said they would pursue administrative and even criminal sanctions.