HOUSE INQUIRY: Workers to present stand on sugar import liberalization

By: Dolly Yasa

BACOLOD City – Save the Sugar Industry Movement (Save-SIM) secretary- general Wennie Sancho will present today Dec 3, 2019 their position paper to the public hearing called by the House of Representatives on the proposed liberalization of sugar importation.

Sancho said the group was invited by the House committee on agriculture and food to attend the inquiry.

He also said the inquiry will tackle House Resolution No. 412 which expresses the strong opposition of the House of Representatives to the planned deregulation of the importation of sugar for the purpose of safeguarding the welfare of sugar farmers, farm and mill workers across the country.

He said he will submit the position of the sugar sector workers.

Earlier, the Save-SIM along with other groups signed manifestos and Statement of Solidarity (SOS) for the sugar industry.

Sancho said the SOS stated that advocates and multi-sectoral cause-oriented leaders from different labor organizations in the province condemn in the strongest possible terms the proposed measure as it would obliterate the local sugar industry displacing thousands of sugar workers.

“It is our right and our moral duty to oppose sugar import liberalization,” he added.

Sancho also said the workers cannot remain silent in the midst of this “grave and imminent” economic disaster.

He reiterated that sugar import liberalization is “disastrous” to the sugar industry especially in the province where thousands of workers are dependent on it”.