Guimaras’ constructions rise by 135.90% in Q1

The number of building constructions from approved building permits in Guimaras province in the first quarter of 2020 rose by almost 140 percent, according to the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA).

Based on data compiled by the PSA, the province saw 92 constructions in the first four months of 2020, 135.90% higher than the 39 constructions in the same quarter in 2019

By type of construction, Guimaras recorded 31 residential constructions which accounted for 33.70% of the total number of constructions in Q1 2020; while the number of non-residential constructions reached 61 which accounted for 66.30% of the total number of constructions recorded in Q1 2020.

All residential constructions in Q1 2020 of Guimaras province were single-type houses; while among the types of non-residential constructions, 32 or 52.46% were institutional buildings; 25 or 40.98% were commercial buildings; 2 or 3.28% were industrial buildings; and 2 or 3.28% were other non-residential buildings.

Consequently, the value of constructions in Guimaras province increased by 464.79% at P302,448 in Q1 2020, from the P53,551 in Q1 2019.

Of the total value of constructions in Q1 2020, the bulk were from non-residential constructions which cost P272,947 pesos or 90.25 percent of the total value of constructions; while residential constructions were valued at P29,501 or 9.75 percent of the total value of constructions in Q1 2020.

In Western Visayas, Guimaras contributed 4.43% to the regional total of 2,076 building constructions recorded in q1 2020 with a total value of 5,049,474 thousand pesos.