Get better: Stop being a victim!

By Lcid Crescent Fernandez

People will hurt you.

They’ll lie to you, steal from you, betray you.

They’ll leave you in the dust like the loser you are.

No matter who we are, we’re always going to experience some form of heartbreak or failure. That’s the inevitability and the beauty of life. There is the inescapable reality that we will, one day, fail.

What you do after this will shape the person that walks out of these failures. Do you reflect on the situation, and take accountability for your contribution to your failure? Or do you blame it on everything or everyone?

Many of you will instantly think, “Oh but they did this so I did that! I had no choice and the people there were evil!”

That’s the loser talking. The loser just sits in the corner waiting for someone to help them feel better. Everything just happens to them. They don’t make things happen.

That’s the mindset that causes you to be stuck in the deplorable situation you’re in. That’s why you’re a loser. It doesn’t matter what those people did or said. It doesn’t matter what cards you were dealt. It doesn’t matter what the results were in the end.

You need to approach every situation, especially failure, by checking yourself. What could I have done better?  How could I have prevented all of this? How could I have reacted better?

Does this fix that situation that just occurred? No.

Does it make the next situation better? Maybe.

That’s not the point.

The point is you need to stop being the victim in your own mind. If you don’t make yourself accountable, EVERYTHING IS JUST BEING DONE TO YOU.

Every day, every encounter, you’re the exact same loser you were yesterday. You were the loser that life just left bleeding out on the street. You’re that little kid everybody bullied. You’re always the victim. That’s who you are in your own mind. You keep blaming everyone else so you never reflect and think about the solution. You never grow.

All you do is assign blame. That’s the easy way out, right? It was their fault so you can just forget about that pain that you felt, because they’re the bad people, right? You had no control over their actions, right? You’re the good guy so you don’t change yourself.

BUT YOU DO HAVE CONTROL OVER YOU. Embrace that pain. Let that pain come into your life. YOU have control over it. Run into it and take everything that it gives you. That’s how you grow!

Even when life sucks, you end up winning because you get better every day.

You stop being that loser.

People will hurt you.

They’ll lie to you, steal from you, betray you.

Are you going to stand up and stop being the victim? Or are you going to be the loser they left in the dust?

Fortify your mind. Take control of your own life.

Make yourself better. People may lie to you, steal from you, and betray you, but they’ll never be able to hurt you.

It’s all about mindset. How you talk to and view yourself in your climb to be a better you. Every monday, we’re going to talk about getting better.


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