Four towns in Antique now COVID-free

Four towns in Antique are considered COVID-free in the past five days.

Based on the health bulletins issued by the Antique Provincial Health Office (APHO) on Thursday, November 25, 2021, the towns of Sebaste, Patnongon, Pandan and Belison logged zero cases.

All other towns in Antique are down to single-digit active cases except for the town of Hamtic which is currently monitoring 15 cases.

The town of Caluya has seven active cases; Tobias Fornier with three active cases; and the towns of Bugasong, Laua-an, Tibiao, and Valderrama with two active cases each.

Barbaza, Culasi, Libertad, San Remigio, San Jose and Sibalom have one active case each.

The current downtrend in COVID-19 cases in Antique is the result of the strict implementation of health protocols and massive vaccination roll-out.

“There is really a decreasing trend of Covid-19 in the province in the past few weeks which is the result of strict implementation of health protocols and speed up vaccination activity,” Antique Integrated Provincial Health Office (IPHO) Health Officer I Dr. Leoncio Abiera Jr. said.

As of Nov. 25, a total of 112,479 Antiqueños have been fully vaccinated while 146,453 have received their first dose of COVID-19 vaccines.

Based on a health bulletin issued by the Department of Health Region 6 (DOH-6) on Friday, Antique logged 6,088 cases with 229 deaths and 114 active cases. (ERS)