‘First and only in Iloilo’: TMC Iloilo launches Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program

(From left to right) Marietta B. Cambel, TMC Iloilo Patient Partner; Cris Eden Claire Delfin, TMC Iloilo Nutritionist; Dr. Rhea Anne Celis, TMC Iloilo Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program Champion Doctor; Dr. Felix Ray Villa, TMC Iloilo CEO; Dr. Sheenly Vi Soresca, TMC Iloilo Pulmonary Department Head; and Dr. Donaldo Nicanor Tubang, TMC iloilo Psychiatrist led the ceremonial finger printing of the “Breath of Hope”.

Western Visayas’ trailblazer in healthcare, The Medical City (TMC) Iloilo is introducing another first with the launching of its Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program.

According to a study, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is currently the fourth leading cause of death in the world and is projected to rank third by 2020.

To answer the increasing trend of COPD patients, TMC Iloilo is opening the first and only Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program in Iloilo that will give Ilonggos and those living in the neighboring provinces a holistic approach to treat chronic lung diseases.

“TMC Iloilo Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program will be another treatment option to patients who are suffering from chronic lung problems such as asthma, bronchitis, and bronchiectasis, among others. Thus, improving their condition and decreases their chances of hospitalization,” said Dr. Rhea Anne Celis, TMC Iloilo Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program Doctor Champion.

Dr. Rhea Anne Celis, TMC Iloilo Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program Doctor Champion

As the head of TMC Iloilo Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program, Dr. Celis is the only medical professional in Iloilo with this specialization giving the Ilonggos the opportunity, assurance, and convenience of availing this program without living Iloilo.

Under TMC Iloilo Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program, patients will work with a team of expert specialists who will guide them to manage their illness to stay healthy and active long after they complete the program.

The said program has different stages designed to have a comprehensive and holistic approach. These include the Pre-Rehab and Post-Rehab Assessments (Spirometry and 6-minute Walk Test), Exercise Program (Upper Ergometer, bike/treadmill, and exercise with Physical Therapist), and lectures (Nutrition Counseling, Psychological Evaluation, Physical Therapy Assessment and Pulmonary Lecture).

“Apart from the treatment itself, what’s good about enrolling in TMC Iloilo Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program is that patients will also be able to receive education, nutritional intervention, and psychosocial support which are also important components of the program”, Dr. Celis noted.