Farmgate prices of Guimaras fruits up

Farmgate prices of locally produced fruits in Guimaras province went up in 2019.

Mango, the island-province’s main product, posted a 19.04 percent increment year-on-year, from 92.11/kg in 2018 to 109.65/kg in 2019. The ₱17.54/kg price difference is higher than ₱11.06/kg increase in 2018.

Other fruits displayed minimal farmgate price change.

Prices of calamansi and mango carabao (green) continuously increased from 2017 to 2019, while price trends for banana latundan (green) and banana saba (green) slightly moved.

Farmgate prices of fruit vegetables were on the uptrend, except for squash which dropped by ₱0.82, from the ₱21.75/kg in 2018 to 20.93/kg in 2019.

Despite the decrease, the ₱20.93/kg farmgate price of squash is still higher by ₱4.80 compared to its 2017 price at ₱16.13/kg.

Continuous increase on the year-on-year farmgate prices of fruit vegetables were observed particularly in ampalaya and eggplant long purple, while jackfruit green and squash showed erratic changes.

The highest average farmgate price increment was observed in eggplant long at 18.52 percent or ₱7.87/kg in 2019, a bit higher than its ₱6.52/kg price change in 2018.

Ampalaya posted its fastest price movement in 2018 at 17.05 percent, or ₱5.57/kg increase over its 2017 average farmgate price before posting an 11.32 percent change in 2019.

Farmgate price of Jack fruit green however, posted ₱2.29/kg increment or equivalent to 19.96 percent in 2019 over its 2018 price of ₱11.47/kg, the lowest price ever in three comparative years.