Farmgate price of carabao for slaughter up by 61.77%

(Photo from Flickr)

The average farmgate price (without mark-up), or the farmer’s selling prices of their produce at the farm, in Guimaras spiked by more than 60 percent, according to the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA).

The PSA data indicated that prices of large animals for slaughter, specifically carabao, increased annually, with the highest price increment from ₱63.77/kg in 2018 to ₱103.16/kg in 2019, or a 61.77 percent increase in a year.

Farmgate price of carabao for slaughter in 2017 was at ₱55.76/kg and gradually increased to ₱63.77/kg (₱8.01/kg price change) in 2018.

The price again jumped to ₱103.16/kg in 2019, more than four times higher against the 2018 increase.

The same trend was noted in the farmgate price of cattle for slaughter which started at ₱61.83/kg in 2017 and rose to ₱75.30/kg in 2018.

The upsurge continued to ₱111.77/kg a year, or a 48.43 percent increment.

Moreover, hogs for slaughter posted ₱69.40/kg farmgate price in 2017, a bit higher than prices of carabao and cattle for slaughter.

In 2018, farmgate price of hogs increased by ₱5.49/kg to ₱74.89/kg before spiking in 2019 to ₱91.85/kg, or a ₱16.96/kg (22.64 percent) change, which is more than three times higher compared to 2018.

The hog prices, however, is still slower than the price movements of carabao and cattle for slaughter.

For poultry products, the huge increment of 44.51 percent on farmgate price of Chicken (native/improved) was observed in 2019 at ₱156.19/kg against ₱108.08/kg in 2018. The ₱48.11/kg increase was more than 15 times higher than the ₱3.14 increase in 2018.

Chicken eggs farmgate price also slightly increased annually from ₱4.97/pc in 2017 to ₱5.17/pc in 2018 and ₱5.43/pc in 2019.