Ex-NPC president reacts to Ben Tulfo caper

December 12, 2019

It is quite repugnant how people who claim to be media professionals can abusively wield the power of the press to achieve despicable ends. Take the case of broadcaster Ben Tulfowho, in a blatant display of arrogance discarded all guises of civility to humiliate Mayor Bing Leonardia in his radio program.

I am not exactly a great fan of Mayor Leonardia but I could not help but feel utter disgust at the ill-mannered way Mr. Ben Tulfo conducted himself while soliciting comments from the mayor regarding a complaint by a so-called “event organizer” who could not even show her face on camera.

While I agree with Tulfo about the role of media giving vent to the grievances of the public and providing a venue for dialogue with government officials, I take issue with the insolence he displays on confronting subjects of complaints notwithstanding whether the accusations have merit or not. Pandering to the lynch mob mentality of an audience is a despicable, if not a markedly dangerous practice undeserving of media responsibility. In the case in question, Mayor Leonardia was not even a subject or part of the complaint but was simply asked to act on some concerns.

The mayor should have been afforded all the respect due to his office and in deference to the people of the City of Bacolod. Tulfo’s disrespect and impudent regard for Mayor Leonardia is thus not only a glaring insult to the people of Bacolod but a downright disgrace to the media profession.

The people of Bacolod should not stop at declaring Ben Tulfo persona non grata but should continue exposing him as a media fraudster out to benefit from the misery of others. Perhaps we should start by pushing the demand for the return of the 60 million pesos defrauded the government in ads with the Department of Tourism then under his sister Wanda TulfoTeo.

Very truly yours,



Former President Negros Press Club