Embarrassing tantrum

By: Artchil B. Fernandez

DU30 and his minions are huffing and puffing mad. They are angry at the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) of which the Philippines is a member for passing a resolution on the human rights situation in the country. Voting 18 -14, with 15 abstentions, the resolution calls for an investigation on the human rights situation in the Philippines.

The resolution specifically urged the UN body to prepare a “comprehensive report international on the human rights situation in the Philippines.” The resolution also calls on the Du30 administration “to take measures to prevent extrajudicial killings and enforced disappearances, conduct an impartial investigation of human rights violations, and hold those responsible accountable.” Finally, the resolution is asking the government of the Philippines to “cooperate with the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in facilitating country visits and preventing and refraining from all acts of intimidation or retaliation” on human rights defenders.

UNHRC resolution was proposed by Iceland. It was passed this week in Geneva, Switzerland during the UNHRC 41st session. The approved resolution is concerned with the on-going bloody and gory war against illegal drugs, the flagship program of the Du30 administration. The police admitted 6,600 were killed in the drugs war while human rights groups estimated that the death toll of the brutal policy is 27,000.

Seething in anger, Du30 and his officials denounced the UNHRC resolution. Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro Locsin called the resolution “politically partisan and one-sided.” He warned that “there will be consequences, far-reaching ones” on countries who voted for the resolution. Most of the countries who voted for the resolution are from Europe including the United Kingdom, Spain, Denmark and Italy.

What are “far-reaching consequences” Locsin had in mind? Do they include cutting off diplomatic as well as trade relations with these countries or declaring war on them? Does the Philippines have the capability to carry out its threats? Locsin should be careful with his words or he ends up the laughing stock or the object of derision of the international community.

Calling the UN body a “kangaroo court” Locsin called countries who voted for the resolution in the pockets of the drug cartel. “Only those deep in the pockets of the drug trade clung to the resolution.” This is the classic lame defense of the administration.  It is quick to label those who oppose its bloody and brutal drugs war as paid-hacks of drug lords without offering any proof. Locsin has disgraced himself with this cheap gimmickry. Only a senile mind can produce such a lousy excuse.

Not to be outdone by his underlings, Du30 mocked Iceland and was mad at the passage of the UNHRC resolution.  “What is the problem of Iceland? – ice only,” Du30 scoffed at the country. “That is your problem. You have too much ice and there is no clear day and night there. So you can understand why there is no crime, no policeman either, and they just go about eating ice.”

It is hard to find any sense in the garbled remarks of Du30. His tantrum against Iceland and the UNHRC resolution is an embarrassment to himself and the country. Calling Iceland an “ice-eating” country is a blatant display of ignorance and a grand exhibition of the shallowness and hollowness of his mind.

Scratching the surface of Du30’s embarrassing tantrum, the UNHRC resolution is a blackeye to his administration. It is also a strong warning to him and his officials. The culture of impunity he cultivates is not acceptable to the international community and sooner, Du30 and his cahoots in the bloody enterprise will face the bar of justice.

The tantrum is just a cover for fear, real fear Du30 and his accomplices feel in the brutal war against illegal drugs. They know that in the near future, the international community will make them accountable for the slaughter of thousands who were mercilessly killed without due process. Their days are numbered and they cannot escape the long arms of justice. The tantrum is just a façade of Du30 and his partners in crime for in reality they are afraid of what awaits them once they are tried in an international tribunal for crimes against humanity.

UNHRC resolution will only reinforce the action taken by the International Criminal Court (ICC) which is currently conducting a preliminary examination on the situation in the Philippines. The examination is on Du30’s brutal drugs war. UNHRC action complements the ICC move and strengthens it. These actions of international bodies will converge in the near future and Du30 and his officials have a genuine reason to be afraid. A time will come when they will become international fugitives if not accused criminals on trial for butchering thousands of Filipinos.

Insults, invectives, ridicule, foul language will not save Du30, Locsin, and others. They are grumpy old men cowering in fear, concealing their fright with wild tantrums. Truth is, they are in a panic, reacting with grave alarm for the UNHRC resolution like the ICC preliminary examination means justice is about to get them. They are terrorized by the thought of facing ICC, or any international body for the carnage of thousands of Filipinos including children who perished in a gruesome manner in the violent and horrific war against illegal drugs.

Du30 has less than three years in power. After that, there is nowhere for him to go. The UNHRC resolution and the ICC preliminary examination are Damocles swords hanging over his head. The swords can fall anytime, during his term or beyond. This explains the anger, the huffing, the puffing and the panic masquerading as a tantrum.