DPWH completes concrete road to Negros Island’s first declared Eco-Tourism Zone

The paved 920-lineal meter access road in Moises Padilla that leads to Kaitulari Ecopark, a declared Eco-Tourism Zone in Negros Occidental. (Photo courtesy of DPWH, Negros Occidental 2nd DEO)

Visiting Kaitulari Ecopark in the upland town of Moises Padilla in Negros Occidental is now accessible and more convenient with the improved access road delivered by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH).

DPWH, Negros Occidental 2nd District Engineering Office completed the construction of a 920-lineal meter long, 6.1-meter wide, 2-lane Portland Concrete Cement Pavement (PCCP) access road with shoulders and slope protection structures on selected portions.

As reported by OIC-District Engineer Marivic M. Roldan, Regional Director (RD) Nerie D. Bueno said the ₱19.9-million road concreting project, in partnership with the Department of Tourism (DOT), is beneficial to both tourists and local residents.

“This road located in Barangay San Benito serves as a detour route going to neighboring towns and leisure places, thus the paved road will provide motorists and the traveling public with faster and safer transportation access,” Bueno said.

“The improved road is likewise beneficial among farmers in the uplands. They can easily transport their products to the market at a lesser cost and shorter travel time as the paved road can accommodate 4-wheeled hauling vehicles, instead of manually carrying them or through animal-driven carriage.”

Bueno further said the new road will enable easier delivery of social, health, relief, economic, political, academic, and other basic government services even to the far-flung communities.

Significantly, the concrete road leads to Kaitulari Ecopark located in the highland barangay of Guinpana-an, the first Eco-Tourism Zone in Negros Island declared in 1998.

Kaitulari, a short term for “Kay To Larry” (Toto Larry’s Place, with “toto” as a form of endearment) offers bonding with nature with the lilting call of birds, the cascade of the river, and the cool breeze. The place has substantial camping grounds with a land area of 30 hectares.

Hence, with the paving of the access road, travelers can experience the park’s magnificence and visit “Lake Kasita” where you can see the best view of Mt. Kanlaon and a reflection of it in the water. Tourists will likewise have a chance to experience leisure activities such as river trekking, river tubing, trail hiking, boating, camping, tilapia fishing, bird watching, fruit harvesting, and more.

DPWH continues to build strong partnerships with other national and local government units and non-government agencies in providing quality infrastructure facilities and services for the welfare of the Filipino people. (DPWH-6)


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