DPWH builds additional government structure for Iloilo town

The 2-storey structure built by DPWH will serve as an extension building of San Miguel town hall, providing a conducive working environment. (Photo by DPWH-Iloilo 4th DEO)

Daily public transactions between the employees and stakeholders in San Miguel, Iloilo will be more efficient with the additional building built by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH).

The new multi-purpose facility undertaken by the DPWH-Iloilo 4th District Engineering Office will provide the Local Government Unit (LGU) with a bigger space for the employees and the public.

As reported by District Engineer (DE) Mario G. Soriano, Regional Director Nerie D. Bueno said the completion of the building offers a comfortable office for the employees and a convenient avenue for providing quality service to the people.

“This new facility will serve as an extension office of the municipal government, providing the employees with a bigger, more conducive working environment which will eventually boost their morale and increase their productivity and efficiency as government workers,” Engr. Bueno said.

“This building will provide an avenue where quality service can be delivered to the public, as this will serve as a venue for people as they do their daily transaction with town officials and employees,” Bueno added,

DE Mario G. Soriano said the district spent ₱3.8 million to complete the project which includes a 2-storey building with sanitary amenities for both employees and stakeholders

“This new building is an extension of the existing municipal building in San Miguel. This will offer more working spaces for the municipal employees and increase capacity for people who may transact with the government,” Soriano said.

“With this additional structure, officials and employees of the municipal government will have a convenient working area. This will also provide a comfortable area for local residents as they undertake their daily transactions with the LGU,” he added.

The completion of this structure is realized through a strong partnership of DPWH and LGU with the goal of providing quality infrastructure facilities and services that will improve the lives of the people. (DPWH-6)