Djokovic’s father puts out bold statement towards Federer

NOVAK Djokovic (left) with dad Srdjan. (Getty Images)

By: Leobert Julian A. de la Peña

AFTER Novak Djokovic’s astonishing victory against Roger Federer in the 2019 Wimbledon, his father Srdjan Djokovic claimed that his son was better than the Swiss star even in the past.

In an interview with Sports Blic, Novak’s father said “In the last ten years, Novak is the world’s best tennis player.”

With Federer failing to notch his 21st grand slam title against Djokovic, that only puts the Serbian behind four grand slams to be at par with the Swiss.

Djokovic has bounced back from a series of injuries he suffered to claim the number one spot again.

Federer, now at 38 years old, still proves the tennis world that he can still compete in the highest level of tennis when he sustained a five-hour match against a mentally tough Djokovic.

By next year, Srdjan believes that Novak will continue to play at a high level, dominate the sport, and become the record grand slam holder.