Defeating Covid-19: Tue stories – 2

By Modesto P. Sa-onoy


“The person who went to me was (I think) the youngest son. He’s not staying in his parent’s house. In his parent’s house, there were ten persons. The 11th, his mother, was already in Riverside Medical Center. She was diagnosed with covid and pneumonia. The ten in the house were showing virus infection signs, three of whom had more signs than the rest.

“That night when he brought the packs, he told them to follow the instructions. Nine of them took the ivermectin around 9 p.m. on Jan. 17. The father, who showed the worst condition took the ivermectin around 9 a.m. on Jan 18. I guess he wanted to see the effects on the nine who took it twelve hours before. All the nine said they were feeling better.

“By Monday afternoon, around eighteen hours after the nine family members took the ivermectin, seven of them reported that they already felt well. The other two still had some symptoms but were feeling better. The father’s temperature went up and down and was coughing, but he felt a lot better, so I was told. All of them got swabbed on Tuesday morning, around 9 a.m. At about eleven that morning, the father complained of difficulty in breathing. They decided to have him admitted to RMC. At that time his fever was already down to 38.4.

“The son asked my opinion. I told him it might be best because I feel that he had pneumonia. But I strongly advised him that if his father would no longer have fever in the evening, he must insist that they do not treat him with Remdesivir. I was specific when I told him that his dad’s problem was more on pneumonia than Covid.

“By late afternoon his tests came out. He was Covid positive, have double pneumonia, active TB, and compromised kidneys. By the time the test results were out, his body temperature was already normal. That evening I reminded the son of what I said. No fever, no Remdesivir. That evening, Doc A sent me a text saying ‘do not let them give him Remdesivir. It will kill him’. I forwarded this message to the son.

“The following day, Wednesday, January 19 the message of Doc M arrived. Three things she pointed out … ‘someone got infected between Jan 4-6. Do not give Remdesivir. It will complicate his condition. And even if the steroids are needed, do not give dexamethasone because it will flare up his TB.”

“Both Doc A and Doc M recommended Ivermectin with antibiotics. I forwarded the messages to the son. The son inquired if any of his parents went out of the house between Jan. 4-6. He was told that his mom went to MAB for check-up on the 5th. The mother had died Tuesday afternoon.

“However, I learned Wednesday morning that the father was ok. No fever. Normal oxygen is given.

“On Wednesday evening I learned that their doctor gave Remdesivir and dexamethasone. They also tried to give him dialysis but did not finish because his heart could not take it.

“The treatment on the mother was also Remdesivir, dexamethasone, tocilizumab and intubation. She was not able to take Ivermectin because she was already in the hospital when it arrived. The hospital and her doctor refused to use ivermectin.

“I think they tried to give the father dialysis because of the complications brought about by Remdesivir and the flare-up of his TB because of the steroids.

“On Wednesday evening, Doc Mg sent a message to tell the son to stop giving his father Remdesivir. Doc H also sent a message very early Thursday morning. He said, Remdesivir is very toxic to the kidneys. Do not give.

“His father’s doctors still gave him Remdesivir on Thursday. That evening they asked for blood for plasma therapy. In between, they gave tocilizumab. Then they decided to intubate Friday. He died Saturday.

“Same hospital. Same doctors. Same procedure/protocol. Same result.”

These doctors appear intent in their own ways fatal as these might be.

We will continue on March 25 with another incident of a treatment without a vaccine and doctors who know their task than trust the diktat of the government and the “herd”.