Defeating Covid-19: True stories

By Modesto P. Sa-onoy


Today is the feast day of St. Joseph and we have some good news relative to the fight against Covid-19.

First, is the accountability of those who decided and pushed for the vaccination of children to protect them from dengue fever. Yesterday I mentioned the Dengvaxia case that killed over 100 children despite the assurances of the manufacturer, Sanofi Pasteur, that it was effective and safe. The DOH simply “trusted the vaccine science.”

The news last Tuesday said that former DOH Secretary now Iloilo First District Rep. Janette Garin and other co-accused were charged for the deaths. The victims’ relatives are demanding a total of P196 million in damages.

Aside from Garin, also named co-accused were former, as well as current government officials and top executives of Dengvaxia manufacturer Sanofi Pasteur Inc. and Health Secretary Francisco Duque 3rd, PAO said. Recognize Duque, the principal pusher for the vaccine in the same way that Garin was during her tenure as DOH Secretary?

Well, our consolation is that in the future there can be an accounting and a reckoning if the science that the vaccine promoters are proven to have conspired to hide the truth about their product.

“It was just an initial batch of civil cases that we filed against the accused and we are filing a hundred more maybe early next month,” PAO’s Rueda-Acosta said. She added that “victims’ relatives were seeking P196 million in actual and compensatory, death, moral and exemplary damages from Garin and her co-accused.”

Let the future takes its inexorable course. That is a small consolation that indemnity may help the pain of the suffering from the errors of these vaccines, though the manufacturers, the real profiteers will escape accountability.

So now to the real-life stories of those who survived the Covid-19 infection without the vaccine. The scientists will expectedly sneer at the treatment not because it cured the infected but because they must discredit other means of dealing with the virus that makes a mockery of their total reliance on their vaccine. But as the wise of old would say, nothing beats success. Let the skeptics sneer but their scorn will not change the facts.

Before we go to the local scene there is a video of how the Chinese coped with their exported virus. They are producing supposed anti-virus vaccines, Sinovac and Sinopharm but their government is cashing in on these from the desperate world while its citizens are killing their virus with homemade remedies.

I will not go into the details of the video’s claim but only a summary. The Chinese are just drinking a lot of warm water and plenty of hot tea and they killed the virus. No vaccine – that’s for export.

Now in our local situation, I know how a group of doctors and citizens are fighting the virus with, so far, 100% success. I will not mention the people helping the infected or the patient to avoid their being “whipped” into line but the non-believing health and government agencies whose only hope, if hope that might be, is the vaccine.

This real-life story happened in this province. Let me cite the narrative of the first case.

Ten people in the family circle were positive for the virus. I asked the generous person some details of how he was able to help rid this family of the virus. Here is his story, edited for purpose of brevity and keeping their identity safe.

“Last January 17, I was called by a friend late afternoon to ask help on behalf of a friend whose parents might have Covid. My friend asked if I can accept his friend’s request so he can talk to me. I said yes and within 5 minutes we started talking. He just asked me if I have the Covid treatment packs with me. I said yes. Then he said whether he can pick up the packs. I said ok.

“He was in my house within 15 minutes. I showed him the different packs. He asked if he can buy all of them … 28 different packs. He paid and left.

“The following morning we talked through Messenger. That’s when I learned what happened.

Continued tomorrow.