Defeating Covid-19: True stories – 5

By Modesto P. Sa-onoy


Lodier gave DGD a bit of advice. You already know half of the medications (vitamins and zinc). A lot of the people in the relocation site use that against the common colds or flu.

According to Lodier DGD took the ivermectin as soon as he received it.  The following day, in the afternoon, about 24 hours after DGD took the first dose, they talked again. DGD said that his body aches and pains have significantly gone down and the other symptoms seems to be diminishing too. But he still had the hard dry cough. By the afternoon of the 5th, almost all of his ailments were gone except for the cough. DGD was given Azithromycin by their doctor.

DGD and Lodier communicated again by text on March 6 at 10:52 p.m. Lodier asked DGD about his cough and the result of DGD men’s Covid tests.

DGD replied that his cough was already “minimal” and that only one of his officers came out positive in the tests but no longer had any symptoms. Lodier asked whether that happened 12 or 24 hours after the second dose. DGD replied that only one officer was positive during the 24 hours but did not show any symptoms so DGD did not offer the medicine but only the immunizing vitamins.

Lodier then advised DGD to immediately give the meds with or without the symptoms, to kill the virus thus prevent him from infecting others.

DGD said that the crew member who was positive was immediately isolated and confined in their facility. Lodier advised that if there are no symptoms the person should be given two doses, five to seven days apart and another dose for full body cleansing. He said, “You cannot do anything about that anymore but a least you know what to do next time. This is what we call rapid response, early treatment. In your case, if you feel that you feel fine with the second dose, you have to have a final dose 7 days after your last dose.

“Again, this is to ensure that no remnant virus remains in your body. This is one of the causes of post covid blues that they sometimes call ‘long haulers’ or ‘brain fog’.  In America, they made a study. Almost 40% of Covid survivors have these problems for up to a year. Most of these cases hit those whose cure time exceeds 10 days.”

After that Lodier advised the need for prophylaxis: one capsule every three weeks for general purpose or every 2 weeks for front liners. DGD replied with his own formula: the scheme 1-3-10. Lodier confirmed, 1-3-10 for those with symptoms especially loss of taste and smell, fever, stomach pains, dry cough and 1 – 5 or 7 (2 doses for covid tested positive with no symptoms, flu (trangkaso or daw trangkasohon), anytime you feel sick to fatigue.” The “1 – 21” is for deworming.

Lodier further said, “In our rapid response protocol, we give to those who were contact traced and shows some symptoms. We no longer wait for the test result. We also observed those who do not show any symptoms for a week. For those who were tested and got negative results, we still observe them for 3-5 days. That’s because you can get negative results because you got tested too early.

“The best time is to get swab 5-7 days after possible infection. If you get swabbed 4 days and below, there’s a tendency for your test result to be negative. But if you have a loss of taste and smell, 98% you got covid.

“I know you’ll be ok now. It’s your turn now to help others. God bless you and good night.”

Early morning of March 7, DGD reported that he slept well that night, to which Lodier replied that “ivermectin makes you relax. We have many testimonials of having deep restful sleep when they took it. I’m happy you are one of those.”

This true story illustrates how ivermectin helped an entire ship. I’m not selling, only reporting that there is an alternative that is fast, cheap, safe and effective. Our authorities should have an open mind for the sake of our people facing a surge of infections.