Defeating Covid-19: True stories – 3

By Modesto P. Sa-onoy


Just two newsbreaks that relate to our topic. The World Health Organization Philippines representative Rabindra Abeyasinghe said people’s “vaccine optimism” may have contributed to the sharp increase in the number of coronavirus disease cases not only in the Philippines, but also in other countries.”

In an interview with ANC, Mayor Marcelino Teodoro said on March 3 that “hundreds of health workers in Marikina City backed out from vaccination upon learning that they will be receiving Sinovac’s CoronaVac. Teodoro said the city’s initial list of individuals to be vaccinated was at 1,500. The number dwindled to 160.

The rapid increase in the Covid-19 cases can indeed be partly due to the false sense of security that there is already a cure or at best, immunization due to the vaccine. This I believe is the result of the massive diversionary propaganda that the vaccine will provide cure, immunity and prevention from the disease. The country is reaping the fruit of those lies.

In the case of Marikina, the “hundreds of health workers” who backed out of the list for vaccination must have known something close or personal that the government is not revealing to the public. If the results of the earlier vaccination were excellent as the government and mainstream media are saying, these health workers would be queuing to get the first jab.

Notice the absence of information about the after-effects of the vaccination? The actuation of the health workers of Marikina speaks a thousand words.

So back to our topic with the hope that our authorities should not have closed their minds to the reality that there is no one cure for the ailments of the world. On the other hand, we are showing here for months that there had been preventions and cures that had saved lives. If our leaders continue to play the Pied Piper’s tune we will end up into the river and drown.

Fortunately there are concerned doctors and citizens who are doing a lot of good outside of the mainstream and their work is going on well, those who, to quote Sir Walter Scots’ poem “are unhonoured and unsung.” In fact, in some cases, they are hounded by the narrow-minded authorities.

I just received information that the Food and Drug Administration, the Department of Health and, of all people, the Philippine Medical Association, are preventing instead of helping a doctor who is doing something good.

The email of March 22, 2021 is a “PERSONAL OFFICIAL STATEMENT” of Allan A. Landrito, MD addressed “To my Fellow Filipino Citizens”. Quoted is his full statement:

“I, Allan A. Landrito, MD has decided to discontinue my compounding and dispensing of Ivermectin. Although I realized that many people have benefited from Ivermectin, health authorities such as DOH, FDA, PMA, etc. explicitly do not recommend this.

“Recent statements apparently discourage its use. Until these health authorities recommend otherwise, I DO not want to give the impression that I will go beyond government regulations.

“I, therefore, wishes that concerned citizens and sectors who are convinced that Ivermectin is necessary at this time of the pandemic to help me convince the health authorities and bring up this concern to them. With my warm hugs!”

I don’t know Dr. Landrito or where he is practicing, but I can feel the pain of his words and frustration.

Nothing can be more disgraceful than this action by the authorities to prevent the use of ivermectin against the pandemic despite the reported efficacy of this capsule. We deserve an explanation.

Otherwise, I can believe that the authorities are ganging up to keep ivermectin from use because it works on the patients but go against their vested interests with their almighty vaccines that, as now being experienced, is believed by WHO itself as among the causes of the rapid hikes in infections. The vaccines do not immunize from the disease, instead it created more patients.

A truly honest doctor would seek every available means to save his patients without obsessive worldly considerations. God save us from our leaders.

I mentioned last week another real-life story where ivermectin was successfully used. This one involves a large group, the captain of a ship and his crew. Let’s designate this captain as “DGD”.

Continued tomorrow.