#DaretoLeap into the Entry-level wars with realme

We got invited to the realXperience in Iloilo, and we got to admit, the brand is impressive. Sporting a vibrant shade of yellow (a specific hue that’s close to our hearts) and with modern-minimalist branding, realme is deliberately geared towards the younger generation.

Although newcomers to the scene, this China-based company is getting a lot of attention. Attention that is well-deserved when offering a product that boasts excellent build quality at an affordable price.

It seems realme’s mantra of delivering more than what you’d expect for the price tag will be a hit with the majority of consumers.

We talked with CM Anthony and how realme plans to grow its own community, an approach we see more and more companies taking.

We were also one of the first people to try out the realme 5 and the realme 5 Pro. Out of the box, you wouldn’t be able to distinguish it from other much more expensive phones. The phone boasts a quad camera setup, 5000mAh battery and a Snapdragon 665 processor. The Pro version also has a quad camera setup, 4035 mAh battery, UFS 2.1 fast storage, and a full HD+ display.

For those of you who dream of but can’t afford the iPhones and Samsung Galaxys of the world, you’re missing out on some great phones in the entry-level category. Take it from us, we had the realXperience.