Custom Kamille Illuim!

(Concept Dungeons & Dragons character)

By Joshua Adrian Aristoza

Straight from the mind of the client, “Kamille Illuim is a plucky rogue who is trying to prove that he’s got what it takes to be the best rogue around. With his trusty familiar and partner in crime, Kuroo the owl, he’s going to do just that.”

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The figure’s built on an SHF Gotenks body, with an SHF Boruto head and faceplates. The cape is sculpted from scratch, as well as the wolf’s head attached to it. The hair was also resculpted to give it more volume and so that it looks closer to the concept art. The arms were resculpted from the bulky, muscled arms of Gotenks to make them look more childlike, and the jewelry were sculpted on. The belt, straps, and boots were also sculpted to add more details. Finally, the owl and the tree base were all sculpted from scratch.

Everything’s topped off with my usual matte paint, with shadows and highlights and top coated to protect everything for play during the owner’s Dungeons and Dragons sessions.