Covid cases decreasing but Iloilo City still high risk

By Sean Rafio

COVID-19 cases in Visayas are on a downtrend, but Iloilo City remained at high risk as of February 12, while Bacolod was at moderate risk, OCTA Research reported on Sunday.

OCTA Research fellow Guido David, citing data obtained from the regional Department of Health, said that seven highly urbanized cities in Visayas registered a negative growth rate in cases compared to the previous week.

David said that Iloilo City’s average daily attack rate of 22.11 and positivity rate of 25% justifies its risk classification. He added that Iloilo had also registered a -55% growth rate in cases, while the healthcare utilization rate was at 64%.

Bacolod City, meanwhile, had an average daily attack rate of 7.67%, a positivity rate of 15%, and a “low” 37% healthcare utilization rate. The city recorded a -60% growth on Saturday.

David said the research group observed a decrease in the growth rate of new COVID-19 cases in Visayas. OCTA also classified Cebu City, Lapu Lapu, Mandaue, Ormoc, and Tacloban at moderate risk for COVID-19 as of Saturday.

On Sunday, the Department of Health Western Visayas Center for Health Development (DOH) tallied 64 new COVID-19 infections in Iloilo City, bringing the active cases to 1,084. Meanwhile, Bacolod City’s active cases rose to 1,031 after recording 19 new cases.

The pandemic think tank also said that the reproduction number in Iloilo City, which refers to how many individuals one positive case can infect, stands at 0.53 or very low classification, while Bacolod also had a low of 0.48.

OCTA advised local government officials and the public of strict compliance with safety protocols to prevent COVID-19 transmission.