Cops face ‘fill-in-the-gaps’ dilemma in Estancia slays

Chrysler Floyd Fernandez, John Paul Mark Bosque and Mark Clarence Libao

By Jennifer P. Rendon

He said, she said.

The investigation group tasked to probe the Sept 14, 2022 shooting incident in Estancia, Iloilo is trying to fill in the gaps in the statements of parties involved in the case.

These gaps, the Special Investigation Task Group (SITG) PALIBOSFER noted, have somehow hindered a speedy investigation.

This is important considering the conflicting statements between Jevron Parohinog, the sole survivor of the incident, and the families of slain victims Mark Clarenz Libao, Jan Paul Mark Bosque, and Chrysler Floyd Fernandes.

“Our investigation should satisfy these gaps so as not to create doubts. We need answers to questions,” according to Senior Master Sergeant Francisco Lindero Jr., SITG spokesperson.

Had the SITG relied on Parohinog’s statement alone, Lindero said they could have filed the case in a matter of three days.

“But there are conflicting statements and allegations that are being rebutted by both parties. Our aim now is to resolve them based on evidences and facts,” he said.

Lindero did not reveal the conflicting statements.

Meanwhile, Brigadier General Leo Francisco, Western Visayas police chief, said that SITG investigators need to look for answers to some details which were taken up in the SITG meeting. He did not elaborate on the details.

When asked if he is satisfied with the probe the SITG does, “the investigation is still ongoing and I am directing/demanding them to do quality investigation even from the first day the incident happened,” Francisco said.

Francisco stressed the need for the task group “to patch up many details in order for them to be able to speed up their investigations.”

“May mga lumabas na tanong na dapat hanapan ng sagot ng mga SITG investigators. Halimbawa, tinatanong namin ang mga statement ng mga pamilya ng biktima. Wala pa, kaya dapat nilang puntahan at makuha statement nila,” he said.

Does he have any plan to change or augment the SITG composition?

“For the moment, wala pa,” Francisco said.

Lindero said that Parohinog already signed and swore to his statement.

But the families of the three fatalities have yet to finalize their respective affidavits through their private legal counsels.

The SITG contended that once the affidavits are completed and notarized, these will help narrow down the angles of the crime.