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Cop shoots brod-in-law to death following bolo attack

Cop shoots brod-in-law to  death following bolo attack
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By Jennifer P. Rendon

A policeman shot his brother-in-law following a bolo assault late afternoon of Feb 5, 2023 in Anilao, Iloilo.

Master Sergeant Rodel Rodriguez, investigator of Anilao Municipal Police Station, voluntarily turned himself in to fellow cops immediately after the incident.

The victim, Eduardo Demavivas Jr., 42, of Barangay Sta. Rita, Anilao, died at the Don Jose Monfort Medical Center Extension Hospital in Barotac Nuevo town.

The incident happened after the victim argued with his father, 67-year-old Eduardo Sr.

Captain Jersy Besas, Anilao police chief, said it was not clear why Demavivas assaulted his father.

Eduardo Sr. claimed his son got angry at him for no reason and then attacked him with a knife.

Luckily, the father evaded the blow.

Eduardo Sr. quickly ran out of their house and sought help from Rodriguez, his son-in-law, who lives in the adjacent house.

Rodriguez went out of their house to allegedly confront the victim.

“He wanted to talk to the victim about why he attempted to stab their father,” Besas said.

But when Eduardo Jr. saw him, the former went inside the house and drew a bolo.

He also grabbed his 8-year-old daughter and used her as a shield while attacking Rodriguez with the bolo.

“When Rodriguez was cornered, he warned the victim not to go nearer,” Besas said.

But seeing that his life was already in danger, Rodriguez pulled his handgun and shot the victim.

The victim’s family has yet to signify their intention in pursuing criminal charges against the cop.