Construction worker stabbed dead in ‘baylehan’

By Jennifer P. Rendon

A 22-year-old construction worker ended up dead after four persons ganged up on him while inside a dance hall in Pototan, Iloilo.

The victim was identified as Domingo Silvederio, 22, a resident of Barangay Marong, Lambunao, Iloilo.

Silvederio, along with some relatives, went to Barangay Palanguia to attend a community dance.

The knife attack happened after the victim may have accidentally hit one of the suspects while he was dancing around 10:45 p.m. of August 6.

Major Roy Tayona, Pototan police chief, said there was no heated arguments that took place between Silvederio and the suspects.

The four young men allegedly connived in stabbing the victim.

Silvederio suffered three stab injuries on his body. He was rushed to Iloilo Provincial Hospital in Pototan but was declared dead on arrival.

The suspects immediately fled after the incident but three of them were arrested in their home.

The arrested suspects were identified as Elison Puig, 21; Christian Daquita, 18; and Ron Lexus Platon y Ochabo, 18. All are residents of Barangay Intaluan, Pototan.

Meanwhile, Jade Fabula, 18, a resident of Barangay Palanguia remains at large as of this writing.

Tayona said investigation showed no compelling reason for the suspects to attack Silvederio.

“The suspects were under the influence of liquor. Daw hinubog lang gid,” he said.

Tayona said the four suspects were charged for murder on Monday.