CMDI celebrates 22 years of devotion in providing quality education and services

Two years defying the pandemic, CARD-MRI Development Institute Inc. (CMDI) continues to “turn challenges into opportunities” as it celebrates its 22nd anniversary on February 14, 2022.

Broadcasted via Zoom and Facebook Live, the learning institute’s anniversary celebration began with a Thanksgiving Mass, followed by a series of online activities that commemorated the opportunities, innovation, and achievements born from adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In his welcome remarks, Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Dr. Edzel A. Ramos welcomed the attendees with a Valentine’s Day-inspired message.

“Today, we are commemorating two of the most anticipated events this February. It is indeed a great day to celebrate not only Hearts’ Day but also CMDI’s very own 22nd founding anniversary. Looking back, this was also the day when CARD MRI first provided shares of stocks to its clients, proving that CARD MRI’s heart belongs to our clients and their family. Through CMDI, we express this love with our efforts to provide education as part of our mission to eradicate poverty,” Dr. Ramos said.

CMDI also looked back on the reason for its establishment, including its dedication towards poverty eradication through effective and purposive education, despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Seeing how CMDI turned the pandemic into an opportunity, CMDI President Flordeliza L. Sarmiento reminded everyone of the reason why CMDI is still standing today. “Even COVID is not enough to stop CMDI from doing what it desires, and that is to improve our services and to continue our programs for our clients and their family.”

The celebration continued with the presentation of CMDI’s digital learning progress and testimonials from its students, teachers, and staff. Clients who attended CMDI’s training also shared how the learning institute’s programs have helped them and their business in the middle of the economic crisis.

John Ivan Bajo from Grade 12 – Vietnam expressed how CMDI’s digital learning has benefited him as a senior high school student. “Digital learning is an excellent response to the changing times as it helped me be flexible in my studies, studying on my own time.”

When it comes to the digital transformation of CMDI, Senior High School Teacher Laila Dioso shared some of CMDI’s initiatives to help its teachers adapt to digital learning together with their students. “CMDI molded teachers to be teachable and equipped with technological advancement through webinars and hands-on training to cope with the challenges in learning.”

Commitment to Devotion

Immersed in the spirit of love and devotion, CARD MRI Founder and Chairman Emeritus Dr. Jaime Aristotle B. Alip shared his favorite parable from the Bible to express the sharp difference between devotion and commitment of all staff in the pursuit of nation-building.

“Commitment is a pledge, and therefore, is binding one’s self to a commitment to a word. Commitment is a promise which is often made to be broken. On the other hand, devotion means to give one’s time to a specific cause, selflessly. It is given out of love. Commitment is ‘talk the talk,’ while devotion is ‘walk the talk.’ With devotion, we do things with purpose, out of love. The devotion that emanates from our CMDI staff, most especially during the pandemic, is an act of love, a gift of love from CARD MRI to our clients. This is how we surpass every challenge, and this is how we will go forward at CMDI,” Dr. Alip said as he recognized those who have shown devotion in serving the CARD community.

Following Dr. Alip’s inspirational message, the students’ Capstone Projects were also exhibited in the broadcast. Made by the graduating students from the Information and Communications Technology Department, the Capstone Projects are digital systems aimed to help the school and CARD MRI’s clients in the future.

Research publications about the students’ works and the clients’ stories were also featured. Among these were thesis compilations, scholar stories, and a recipe book that show the students’ progress in their digital learning journey. “Katuparan ng mga pangarap” is a compilation of client stories and their success with the help of CMDI.

Dedication to Service

With devotion as its guiding force in helping communities, CMDI also recognized the dedication, impact, and outstanding contributions of Senior Management Adviser Dr. Dolores M. Torres as the outgoing Dean of the Department of Business and Management through an audio-visual presentation by CMDI Vice President for Academic Affairs Glenda M. Lagarile. Dr. Torres was appointed as the Senior Dean of CMDI while Dr. Ramos will assume the deanship of the department.

Continuing the parade of innovations, the students of the CMDI Business Society also presented their Love Month Online Bazaar with the theme “Innovative and Resilient StudEntrepreneurs in COVID Times.” These are online food shops where interested customers can message their respective Facebook pages for their orders.

Finally, CARD MRI Managing Director Aristeo A. Dequito congratulated the CMDI family, including its teachers as well as the students and their parents who have all worked together to withstand the pandemic and to continue learning despite it.

“It has been two years since the onset of the pandemic. Despite this, CMDI remained steadfast in helping its students, CARD MRI clients, and staff. This is the fruit of what Dr. Alip described as devotion. With this, we will continue standing our ground until we have turned every challenge into opportunities for growth and success in our mission to fight poverty,” Dequito concluded.

Since its inception in 2000, CMDI has served as the training ground for CARD MRI staff and clients alike. The learning institute aims to equip future leaders of the society to create change in their community by empowering socially-and-economically-challenged families through capacity-building programs and quality education, in line with CARD MRI’s mission of poverty eradication.

To know more about CMDI and their capacity-building services, visit their website at or their official Facebook page, @cmdiofficial.