City slightly tightens travel requirements

Iloilo City will again require travelers from outside Western Visayas to present negative COVID-19 test results via RT-PCR or undergo the test upon arrival in the city. (A. Almacen/file)

By Joseph B.A. Marzan

There are no major changes with how Iloilo City citizens will lead their day-to-day activities under the Alert Level 2 status in 2022, but persons who want to travel to the city must submit several requirements according to Executive Order No. 1-2022 issued by Mayor Jerry Treñas on Monday.

Section 2 of Executive Order No. 001, series of 2022 outlines the general and specific requirements for inbound travelers to the city.

Vaccination cards are essential for those who are fully vaccinated, as these are required of persons traveling from Negros Island, as well as returning overseas Filipinos (ROFs), returning residents, and Authorized Persons Outside of Residence (APOR) when applying for travel authority via the S-PaSS system.

S-PaSS or Safe, Swift and Smart Passage is an online travel management system of the Department of Science and Technology used for domestic travel during the COVID-19 pandemic in the Philippines when varying levels of travel restrictions was imposed in local government units.

For fully vaccinated travelers without vaccination cards, they may present a certification from their provincial, city, or municipal health office showing their vaccination status.

The S-PaSS application is still subject to the approval of the city government’s Emergency Operations Center.

ROFs, returning residents, APORs, non-essential travelers, and tourists will also need travel coordination permit along with their S-PaSS.

APORs staying for less than 24 hours will only need the S-PaSS, government-issued ID, and a confirmed travel itinerary.

Non-essential travelers, meanwhile, will also need proof of booking confirmation.

Fully vaccinated ROFs, APORs, and returning residents still need to undergo RT-PCR testing upon arrival, as well as quarantine.

Those who yield negative results upon release of their test results may be cleared from quarantine, but those with positive results will have to abide by instructions provided by the local health authorities.


Partially-vaccinated or unvaccinated travelers generally need to undergo RT-PCR testing.

For those from Negros Island, they need either be tested 72 hours prior to their travel or undergo testing upon arrival via the Uswag Molecular Laboratory in Molo.

Those classified as ROFs generally have the same set of requirements as those who are fully vaccinated (approved S-PASS, travel coordination permit, and RT-PCR test and quarantine), although they are to undergo testing on the third day of their quarantine.

These requirements also apply to partially vaccinated or unvaccinated APORs, returning residents, and tourists. Non-essential travelers also need to show proof of booking confirmation.

ROFs coming from countries under the “Red List” need to undergo a 14-day quarantine and testing on their 5th day.

These requirements take effect on Friday, Jan 7.