City mulls two sports conferences

By: Leobert Julian A. de la Peña

RUDIVER JUNGCO, executive assistant for Sports in Iloilo City, is planning to hold two sports conferences for the youth.

One sports event will be part of the Charter Day events in August, and one during Dinagyang in January 2020.

“We have PRISAA, Integrated Meet and other inter-school sports related activities every year, but I want to incorporate Charter day and Dinagyang. Why not put a sports event under those two so that the youth and the Ilonggos have something new to look forward to?” Jungco said.

Jungco explained that the sports league he is planning is general in nature so that maximum participation would be met and development in all sports will be achieved.

He emphasized that this proposal will help Ilonggos engage more in sports and develop wellness.

He also said that proper credit and recognition of sports achievers must be observed by the Sports Division during the events.

“The youth, the young ones, who gets called and presented to the Ilonggos when they achieve something in sports makes them happy and makes them smile. With every sport they achieve, we should properly address their names and give them recognition,” he added.