CFOS-IA shares aquaculture ideas to SHS teachers

The Brackishwater Aquaculture Center (BAC) of the Institute of Aquaculture, College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences (CFOS-IA), UP Visayas, conducted a free webinar for senior high school (SHS) teachers of Nabitasan National High School (NNHS), Leganes, Iloilo on May 26, 2021.

Eleven senior high school teachers from the said school participated in the whole day webinar.

NNHS is located in Brgy. Nabitasan, one of the coastal barangays of Leganes, where most of its students and their families are engaged in aquaculture activities.

Rosy L. Janeo, BAC Station Head, said that training could help empower the teachers to adapt to the changing technological trends in science and education.

“It is our belief that an empowered teacher produces outstanding students. And hopefully, in two to three years’ time, more senior high school graduates would be encouraged to pursue a career in fisheries and aquaculture,” Janeo stated.

AQUASI aims to strengthen the capacity of high school teachers to handle aquaculture and other science-related subjects in K-12 Basic Education Curriculum.

Experts from the CFOS-IA shared their knowledge and expertise in aquaculture and fisheries. They were Mr. Fredson H. Huervana, Prof. Valeriano L. Corre, Jr., Mr. Vince Neil B. Fuertes and Dr. Mary Jane A. Amar.

Huervana talked about the principles of aquaculture and aquaculture systems, while Corre discussed aquaculture technologies and water quality management.

Meanwhile, Fuertes and Amar presented fish health management and fish nutrition and feeding management topics, respectively.

CFOS-IA decided to forego the hands-on laboratory and practical components of the activity for the safety of everyone due to the increasing infection of COVID-19 in the City and Province of Iloilo.

The teachers hope that their students could undergo immersion at CFOS-IA when the situation allows after the pandemic. (Ms. Lenilyn Gallos, CFOS)