Ceres employees not allowed entry at VTI for security reason

By: Dolly Yasa

BACOLOD City – Atty. Gerry Llena, lawyer of Leo Rey Yanson, said on August 13, 2019 that his client’s siblings, Emily and Celina Yanson, including some employees, are not allowed to enter the Vallacar Transit Inc. office in Barangay Mansilingan due to security reasons.

The prohibition was imposed after the discovery of Molotov bombs and other explosives inside the office last Friday.

“It is for the security of all the employees, until everything is cleared, they will not be allowed inside,” Llena said.

But Llena assured that Ceres employees will still be paid their salaries.

The latest episode is still part of the tug-of-war between Leo Rey and his siblings Roy, Celina, Emily, and Ricardo Jr. over control of their multibillion peso bus firm.

Leo Rey regained control of the South Ceres Terminal and the VTI head office in Mansilingan last week after Roy took over the said offices last month.

Llena said there is no definite date or time when the clearing of the area will be finished.

“Until it is cleared and the safety of the employees is ensured,” he said.

The lawyer said that company records are missing.

“We need to reconstruct the databank” Llena added.

Llena also denied claims of Emily that Leo Rey is out to sell the bus company.

It’s common sense. If your company is making profits will you sell it? Llena asked.

In a statement, the group of Roy slammed the lockdown imposed by Leo Rey.

“That directive is in direct violation of the officers and owners of the company to exercise their duly-mandated functions and responsibilities, and constitutes a criminal act of grave coercion. It also goes against regulations of the PNP for security agencies under SOP 07-08,” the siblings said.

The statement added that Leo Rey Yanson’s actions violate “our rights as 55% majority shareholders of the company. It is usurpation of our functions as officers designated by majority board action.”

“We are also acutely aware of the action being taken against our employees who are being forced to sign a blank waiver just to be allowed entry into their workplaces. They are terrified and harassed. The Labor Code specifically punishes those who undertake discriminatory practices which affect a worker’s right to labor and his right to a stress-free workplace.”

Roy and company also asked the workers to condemn Leo Rey’s actions.

“We ask leaders of the PACIWU labor union to register its strongest condemnation against these highly discriminatory acts being taken by Leo Rey Yanson and in using the interests of the company as justification for his unlawful acts.”