Ceneco reminds consumers of one-bill policy

By: Dolly Yasa

Bacolod City – The Central Negros Electric Cooperative, Inc. (CENECO) here reminded Member-Consumer-Owners (MCOs) of the strict implementation of the one-bill policy.

Ceneco general manager Lolita Jaime said MCOs have to follow this policy to avoid the inconvenience caused by electric power disconnection.

Consumers must pay their electricity bills within 9 days after it was rendered and/or proof of delivery is established.

Failure to do so would mean that the account automatically becomes past due.

Consumers are also advised to pay their bills at Ceneco authorized outlets.

Jaime said consumers should not wait for the disconnection notice.

As MCOs, it is convenient to pay your bills promptly to avoid receipt of notice of disconnection, she said.

Notice of disconnection is rendered after the due date and disconnection of electricity service is carried out two (2) days after you received your notice of disconnection.

CENECO personnel are allowed to disconnect from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., from Monday-Friday except holidays.

For consumers to be reconnected on the same day, cut-off time for payment is 2 p.m. For payments after the 2 p.m. cut-off time, reconnection shall be on the next day.

Within 10 days after the consumer has not applied for reconnection, CENECO shall conduct ocular inspection to prevent illegal reconnections.

Removal of meters may be done any time after 30 days from the time the electricity service is disconnected.

Meter removal may also be carried out any time if consumer is found to be pilfering electricity through illegal tapping to protect the cooperative and its consumers of good standing from power thieves.

All CENECO employees are required to display their valid official Identification Cards and wear their Uniforms.  Since casual employees are not yet entitled to official uniforms, please demand to see the validity date of their official IDs.

In case you may encounter suspicious individuals that do not conform to these standards, please report them to CENECO or your nearest Barangay official or at least take their pictures using your cellular phone.  CENECO will not hesitate to file cases against posers or scammers victimizing unsuspecting consumers.

Jaime also advised consumers not to be easily persuaded by buy gadgets that offer savings or reduction of electricity consumption.

Be forewarned that CENECO has apprehended several illegal gadgets and filed electric pilferage cases against its users she said.

Jaime further said that CENECO kWh meters and its accessories are not for sale and urged consumers to report individuals attempting to offer these for sale.