Caution to the legislative body of the republic

By Romeo M. Espinosa

Since in the presence of the August Body of Congress or in the presence of some of them, some people argued with each other that the use of marijuana (Maryjane) is the best medicine to cure the illness “epilepsy” and the sickness “cancer”; for each of the said malady, the said some people insisted that, for marijuana congress pass a law accepting it the cure for “epilepsy” and “cancer”.

But marijuana is a dangerous drug and as such has boundless possibilities of drug abuse, which today in our country, the divisive issue between the advocates for selective human rights and the government authorities protecting the youth, the hope of our fatherland from drug abuse particularly dangerous drugs.

There are curative medicine for the above said maladies, why supplant these with maryjane the seductive medicines the consequences of it will open Pandora’s Box to introduce to us the characters Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde!

And regarding the ABS-CBN, the broadcasting corporations with franchise about to end can’t be renewed because of frequent broadcasting derogatory to government affairs that to many listeners the government is awry and as such hits the leadership of the chief executive of all government agencies.

And aghast, the law making body is in quandary what to do with the protestants and the conformist on the object to deny the ABS-CBN the renewal of franchise. The pros or protestants seems to falsely pretend their ignorance of the principle of qualification for franchise to be given to them.

The principle of qualification are as follows to wit:

  1. Legal immunity or exemption from some burden or jurisdiction; privilege or exceptional right granted to person, or corporation, etc. right to market company’s goods or services to particular area. 2. Full membership of corporation or state, citizenship.

Hence the ABS-CBN has no legal immunity or exemption to some burden or jurisdiction… to lambaste or beat or trash the chief executive of all government agencies.

Therefore to deny the renewal of the ABS-CBN franchise denotes that our government is a government of laws and not of men.

And regarding the VFA (Visiting Forces Agreement) the US and the PH have the later had junk it, the VFA; and the legislative body will be one with the decision of the executive; as one all together will not abandon the commander-in-chief of the PH army, navy, air force and the PH National Police Force, come what it may will be.

I think of them all not to lose the dignity of the Filipino nation in exchange of the US interest for our nation being its first outside defense in the Far East. The quid pro que for this matter must be balanced for both the US and the PH.

And if the US restores the visa of Senator Rolando dela Rosa, both the US and the PH will have the Golden Rule to cling to. “Do unto others what will you like others will do unto you.”

With due respect, Caution: For The Legislative Body of the PH Republic.