Carmelo Anthony is back in the NBA after setting deal with Blazers

After a long-awaited comeback, Carmelo Anthony is set to return after signing a non-guaranteed contract with the Blazers (

By: Leobert Julian la Peña

“It’s Melo time!”

Elite scorer Carmelo Anthony is all set for his return to the NBA after getting called up by the struggling Portland Trail Blazers and has already secured a deal, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of the ESPN.

After the roller coaster of free agency, offseason and preseason, Melo is off to revive all of it and start a new campaign to his NBA career.

Despite his absence in the NBA, Melo still put on the work with his long-time trainers and continued to get in shape, including workouts with NBA stars Trae Young, Tyson Chandler, Chris Paul, Paul George, and James Harden

Inactive in the league for almost a year now, the Damian Lillard-led squad called the services of the six-time ALL-NBA star in hopes to add firepower and depth to their (so far) mediocre season.

In the 12 games the Trailblazers played, the team has lost 8 including the recent back to back losses.

With Melo’s addition, the team is expecting leadership, veteran smarts, and additional scoring to help them get back on the winning track.