Calvin Abueva reaches out to PBA

Calvin Abueva is reaching out to the PBA for a possible comeback (PBA Images)

By: Leobert Julian A. de la Peña

After being slapped with an indefinite suspension and a 70,000 pesos fine for clotheslining TNT Katropa import Terrence Jones, Calvin Abueva reached out to the league to ask if he can come back and play again.

PBA commissioner Willie Marcial said he was contacted by Abueva before he left for Macau to support the three PBA teams that represented the Philippines in the East Asia Super League Terrific 12.

It has been three months since the ban was imposed on Abueva with no statements from either Abueva or the PBA were released regarding him playing again.

Weeks after Abueva’s suspension, issues with his wife circulated all over social media. Images of Abueva playing in an inter-barangay league, which is strictly prohibited by the PBA, also seemed to exacerbate the issue.

Abueva’s team in the PBA, the Phoenix Fuel Masters, also expressed frustration and dissapointment towards Abueva’s stint in the ‘ligang panlabas’ issue.

Marcial stated that the suspension’s end “will depend on how and when Abueva makes an apology to those whom he has offended, and how he will henceforth reform in his ways.”