Bolick out for 8 months due to ACL injury

Robert Bolick will miss much of the season after suffering an ACL tear (

By: Leobert Julian A. de la Peña

Running the break and burning rubber, Northport stalwart Robert Bolick was storming to the other end after getting the board.

Bolick then took off in an attempt to challenge San Miguel’s big men.

But he felt something pop as soon as he jumped. He fell and screamed while holding onto his knee, shouting in immense pain while being circled by his teammates and the Beermen.

The superstar guard was then diagnosed with an ACL tear in his knee, preventing him to play competitive basketball for at least 8 months.

With Northport’s astonishing season so far, Bolick was also rolling and was the leader of the team.

Bolick is also competing for the Rookie of the Year honors as well as high chances of winning the Best Player of the Conference Award with his stellar performance.

A statement by Mikee Romero, Northport team owner, on Facebook confirmed everybody’s fear – Bolick will be undergoing surgery and will be out of action for several months.