Body of boy who drowned in Passi City found in Dingle

By Jennifer P. Rendon


The body of a 7-year-old boy who drowned in Passi City was found in Dingle town, Iloilo afternoon of March 14, 2021.

Lieutenant Colonel Dennis Pamonag, Passi City police chief, confirmed that Nonoy’s (not his real name) body was found on the riverbank in Moroboro, Dingle town around 3:30 pm Sunday.

The area where he was found is several kilometers from where he drowned at Jalaur River in Barangay Man-it, Passi City.

Pamonag said that Nonoy went swimming at the river with his older cousin Saturday morning.

Apparently, the kids have been used to swimming unattended at the river, which is just around 200 meters from their house.

His cousin took a dive first then Nonoy followed. The victim’s companion quickly resurfaced and looked for him.

The boy claimed he saw Nonoy’s arm as if waving for help. He immediately called for help.

Pamonag said residents searched for the boy but to no avail.

Efforts to conduct a search and rescue operation to find Nonoy was halted due to strong water current after it heavily rained in the afternoon.

Rescuers continued with their search operation until it was reported that his body was found in Dingle, several kilometers from where the incident happened.