Bacolod City administrator resigns

Former Bacolod City congressman John N. Orola (center) reads his letter of resignation as City Administrator during a press conference Monday. Also in photo are Mayor Evelio Leonardia (right) and former councilor and new City Administrator Em Ang. (Dolly Yasa)

By Dolly Yasa

BACOLOD City – Former Bacolod City congressman John N. Orola on Monday tendered his resignation as city administrator and was replaced by former councilor Em Ang effective today Feb 4, 2020.

In a press conference where both Orola and Ang were also present, Mayor Evelio Leonardia thanked Orola, his former boss at the Department of Tourism, for his service to the city.

Leonardia also thanked Orola for his frankness and honesty in admitting that his business and other personal concerns could get in the way of his work as city administrator.

But the mayor said Orola will still help the city as a consultant for trade, industry, tourism, and other special concerns.

In his resignation letter, Orola said that “while the City Administrator job is very fulfilling, I strongly feel I will be able to give more of myself to the City of Bacolod if I focus and devote my time helping you and your administration in the areas of tourism, housing, investment, job generation and other special concerns of the Mayor in my private capacity.”

“My job as city administrator has been very fulfilling especially when I work on your major plans, programs, and projects, from conceptualization, planning, organizing, and implementation, especially when they redound to the inclusive and sustained development of the city,” he added.

On the appointed of Ang, Leonardia said her track record as legislator, businesswoman, civic leader, and as a professional are qualities that fit the official and practical qualification standards of the position.

He added that Ang’s record as a former councilor alone is enough “to make us confident that she will live up to the expectations of this highest administrative post in the local government.”

Ang, who will be the first lady and non-lawyer city administrator, said she will have big shoes to fill in as Orola has done a great job.

When asked how she will address the problems with vendors in the three public markets of the city, Ang said she will meet and talk with them as soon as she starts with her new job.