Baby unscathed after motorcycle fell into 50-meter deep ravine

Leon News Live Photo

By Jennifer P. Rendon

A 9-month-old baby boy did not suffer a scratch after the motorcycle he was riding on fell off a 50-foot ravine in Leon, Iloilo.

For some, it was a miracle that the boy was physically unscathed. For others, it was his mother’s love that saved him from danger.

But the incident injured the infant’s parents, Ananias Andea, 34; and Lovely Rose, 24; and Ananias’ sister Roda.

The four victims came from their home in Barangay Dao, Alimodian town, where Ananias served as a pastor.

They were on their way to the town proper to have the child undergo a medical examination.

Lieutenant Melchor Tolentino, Leon police chief, said that Dao is a far-flung village that is nearer to Leon than Alimodian town proper.

As the four were navigating a downhill portion of Barangay Mali-ao, Leon around 8 a.m. on Sept 23, the motorcycle’s chain snapped.

“At that time, they were approaching the S-curve in Mali-ao. The motorcycle went wayward and overshot the railings,” Tolentino said.

The family ended up on a rocky portion of the cliff.

It appeared that Lovely Rose, who was holding on to her son, was severely injured. Her arm was fractured and she couldn’t move the lower part of her body.

Ananias suffered lacerations on his forehead while Roda was also wounded.

They were brought to Western Visayas Medical Center for treatment.

Meanwhile, the victims’ families are asking for help to defray Lovely Rose’s medical needs.