Artists for Digital Rights Network releases ‘Counter-Narratives’ to disinformation

“Click Bites” by Jakarta-based artist Kiki Febriyanti explores disinformation and how it affects transgender communities in Indonesia. Screenshot an excerpt from Counter-Narratives.

The Artists for Digital Rights Network (A4DRN) recently launched Counter-Narratives, a free digital publication that engages disinformation through the arts. Edited by Mac Andre Arboleda and Bernz Soriano, the 77-page publication features works by artists from the Philippines and Indonesia who underwent workshops on disinformation last July.

Co-editor Mac Andre Arboleda expressed the need for a “holistic approach to solving [the disinformation crisis] through different approaches and disciplines,” which led to the establishment of the Artists for Digital Rights Network. According to co-editor Bernz Soriano, the publication “aims to surface the many-faceted dimension of disinformation, told in different viewpoints and perspectives, in the spirit of freedom of expression and information.”

Counter-Narratives showcases a mix of different mediums and approaches to disinformation, from archives to short stories, and augmented reality projects to short films: “Serabutan” by Adrian Mulya, “Rogue’s Quarry” by Mariah Reodica, “Screens” by Marian Hukom, “A Portrait of Mandy” by Christina Lopez, “Our Favorite Liar” by Sofia Tantono, “The B.A.O.A.N.G.” Directory by Alfred Marasigan, “Construed Misdirection” by Waki Salvador, “The Disinformation Interface” by Gabriel Brioso, “Famous Last Words ng Anak Ni Nostradamus” by Mirjam Dalire, and “Clickbite” by Kiki Febriyanti. The cover art is made by Negros-based artist Mirjam Dalire.

Established in June 2021, The Artists for Digital Rights Network is an alliance and community of artists, designers, advocacy workers, organizers, and writers committed to digital rights advocacy. Its inaugural Artists for Digital Rights Program 2021, which produced Counter-Narratives, is made possible by the Innovation for Change-East Asia and Doublethink Lab. For more information on A4DRN, visit their website at or send an email to Project Lead Mac Andre Arboleda at

Counter-Narratives is available to download here (