ARBs in Toboso, Calatrava towns get titles

By Easter Anne Doza

More than 70 agrarian reform beneficiaries (ARB) from the towns of Toboso and Calatrava in northern Negros Occidental are now landowners after receiving their Certificate of Land Ownership Award (CLOA) from the Department of Agrarian Reform-North.

A total of 62 ARBs from Toboso received their land titles over a 16.1129-hectare property formerly owned by Lydia Lizares, located at Barangay San Isidro.

Toboso Municipal Agrarian Reform Program Officer Heide Pasiosane told the ARBs to continue to cultivate the land they now own.

“Please remember to pay your taxes regularly and protect your property by refraining from involving in illegal activities,” Pasiosane added.

Meanwhile, in Calatrava town, 11 ARBs got their land titles for the 7.0326 hectares property formerly owned by Hermogenes Demabildo located at Barangay Agpangi.

DAR-Negros Occidental I continues with its mission of providing social justice to its ARBs, as it distributed the Owners’ Duplicate Copy (ODC) of the Certificates of Land Ownership Award (CLOA).

Calatrava MARP Officer Ruby Pontino led the distribution and also installed the ARBs as new property owners of the agricultural land.

“As new landowners, may this opportunity fuel you in cultivating the land and be more encouraged to increase agricultural productivity. DAR shall continue to provide support services that may help you move forward,” Pontino said.

Under Land Acquisition and Distribution of the CARP-CARPER program, public and private agricultural landholdings are acquired by the government to be distributed to tenants, farmers, farmworkers, and/or other tillers who are qualified to become ARBs, in the form of CLOAs covering 1 contiguous tract or several parcels of land cumulated up to a maximum of 3 hectares per ARB. (PIA)