Another alleged power pilferer put behind bars

File photo

By Jennifer P. Rendon

A 50-year-old man was placed under citizen’s arrest for alleged electricity theft.

Agustin Tresteza was nabbed 6:03 a.m. on June 3, 2022 near his house at Barangay Yulo Drive, Arevalo, Iloilo.

Florante Celeste and Emmanuel Gano, security guards of MORE Power and Electric Corp., were on roving patrol when they caught Tresteza holding a 28-meter extension cord.

The extension cord’s wire was allegedly attached to the secondary line of MORE Power.

On top of that, a submersible electric water pump was plugged to the said extension cord.

Gani and Celeste attested that the submersible electric water pump was illegally attached to the power distributor’s secondary line.

According to MORE Power, it was the first time that Tresteza was arrested, although two persons were also caught before for using illegal electrical connections or “jumpers.”

Tresteza is now detained and will be charged for violation of Republic Act 7832 or the Anti- Pilferage Law of 1994.