A lesson to all playboy politicians

By Alex P. Vidal

“I’m actually a very moral guy.”—Hugh Hefner

BOY Tisoy is not the only powerful and influential person in society who has impregnated a younger woman and secretly maintained a second family.

But he symbolizes the persona of a spoiled brat who sowed his wild oats and bungled, and spun out of control his acts of indiscretion.

Many moneyed politicians and prominent businessmen even cavorted with more than one concubines and sired multiple children outside the marital bed.

But their dalliances mostly didn’t end up in a public scandal and macabre crimes.

If both parties want to call it quits, they mutually part ways with a little iota of rancor and animosity in their hearts, but seldom do they resort to a homicidal rampage.

In the first place, before these powerful and influential characters decided to commit extramarital affairs, many of them knew the thorny situations would bring damnation if they couldn’t control their satyriasis or excessive sexual desires, and they didn’t have the willingness to totally subsidize this addiction.


This will probably explain why, unlike the big-time contractors, politicians, businessmen who are always in the VIP rooms, a simple laborer, who earns a fixed 15-30 income, seldom or is hesitant and afraid to engage in womanizing as a vice.

Money or financial capacity has always been the name of the game in any sexual peccadillo.

To avoid conflict and any untoward incident, most of those who can afford to provide adequate financial support to their inamoratas and their love children without much ado.

To camouflage the subsidy, some philanderers decide to put up businesses and let their other women manage them so they can have independent sources of income.

But they don’t panic and murder their lovers if their original wives and children have stumbled into their dark secrets.

They don’t totally abandon their second families when push comes to shove.

In Hollywood movies, as well as in real life in some cases, though, it’s always the wives who have the stronger desire and motive to eliminate the mistresses.

There are wives who are passive and unmoved by their husbands’ sexual parasitism, but there are wives who summon the spirit of Sylph when they learned of their husbands’ bed-hopping.

It’s always simple mathematics for the police investigators.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.


BEING the first city and province in the Philippines, through their leaders, to throw their “solid” support behind Vice President Leni Robredo’s presidential bid in the May 9, 2022 election, Iloilo—city and province—stand to benefit most if the only woman candidate for president will win.

The Ilonggos, led by Mayor Geronimo “Jerry” Trenas and Governor Arthur “Toto” Defensor Jr., have shown to Robredo and her vice-presidential bet Kiko Pangilinan and their senatorial slate that they were willing and ready to go all-out for the pink team when they held a caravan last year.

Iloilo has become closer to Robredo’s heart as manifested by the volume of assistance the Office of the Vice President had poured in the city and province in the aftermath of super typhoon “Odette” in December 2021.

(The author, who is now based in New York City, used to be the editor of two dailies in Iloilo.—Ed)