By: Zedrick Señeres

SUMMER season is the time of the year when traditional “Fiesta Celebration” is held in every town, villages or in Our City of Love.

Recently, Cosmo Iloilo’s well loved couple Rolando Layson and his charming wife Chic Layson hosted a lavish dinner party that marked the fiesta celebration of their homeplace, the historic Fundidor in Molo, Iloilo.

Helping the Layson couple in entertaining a long line of fiesta revelers was their daughter Ruby Layson.

“The roots of Philippine fiestas go back even before the Spanish colonial rule. Pre-Hispanic Filipinos made regular ritual offerings to placate the gods, and these offerings evolved into the fiestas we know today. A wonderful fiesta season means good luck for the rest of the year!” said Rolando Layson as he hopped from one table to another and spoiled everyone with overflowing wines and cool drinks and of course fun camaraderie!

Happy Fiesta! Cheers!