2GO MassKara Vibes

2GO’s festival float radiates positive energy and fun, just like  the colorful celebration of MassKara Festival.

This year, 2GO festival float wore the biggest smile. One can’t help but notice the magenta color of 2GO and the giant smiling mask that makes everyone gaze and smile.

The uniqueness in its color brings sparks due to its brightness and vividness which truly resembles the colorful journey of 2GO .

The enormous contribution of 2GO in nation-building is unmatched in domestic sea transport industry.  Today, the company has actively championed vibrant lives among families, individuals and traders.

2GO is at the homes of the Filipinos with various necessities delivered in communities and industries. Its shipping business completes the Filipinos travel experience, enabling each one to discover and rediscover the cultures, sights and adventure offerings of this fun-loving nation.

The unique color of magenta also tells the rich heritage and transformations that the Filipinos have gone through making us who we are today.  This is 2GO amidst the myriad of rich Filipino lifestyle and journeys.