2021 highlights of events in education (Part V)

By Dr. Rex Casiple

The national priority programs identified in year 2021 were aligned with global innovation platforms of Science, Technology, Engineering, Agri-Fisheries and Mathematics (STEAM). Courses in demand were based on the priority needs of the country during the pandemic and the Philippine Development Plan.

These were courses and hard to fill occupations, jobs of the future and/or green jobs in Science and Mathematics; Information Technology Education; Engineering and Technology; Architecture; Business Management; Health Profession Education; Maritime Education; Social Sciences; Teacher Education; and Multi and Interdisciplinary Cluster of Discipline.

The whole country celebrated the National Statistics Month (NSM) in October 2021. The theme of the celebration was NSM@32: Revving up for Economic and Social Recovery Through Evidence-Based Policies (NSM@32: Pag-arangkada padulong sa pang-sosyal kag pang-ekonomiya nga pagbangon paagi sa mga pagsulundan nga nasandig sa ebidensya”. The theme was heartened by the COVID-19 pandemic that has claimed and affected millions of lives worldwide at an unprecedented rate, paralyzing the smallest of families to the biggest of nations.

The theme was also inspired by the “Recharge PH” program of the government which rallies all sectors of the economy and all the Filipino people to adopt a “whole of society approach” to unite and contribute towards economic recovery. Some of the highlights of activities in the observance of the 32nd NSM were the Statistical Infomercial Contest; Statistical Infographics Contest; Photo Contest; E-Poster Contest; Lecture Series on Official Statistics; Recharge PH through Evidence-Based Policies webinar; and the Statistical Essay Writing Contest for College Students hosted by the Commission on Higher Education Regional Office VI (CHEDRO VI).

The board performance of schools in various disciplines generally dropped amidst COVID-19 pandemic. However in some board examinations, Region VI – Western Visayas produced top-performing schools and examinees. The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) announced that 47.28% passed the Chemical Engineer Licensure Examination given in October 2021. Justine Valero Cientos of Colegio San Agustin-Bacolod ranked number 4; and Elizalde Miguel Salazar Flores of UP Visayas ranked number 5 in the said examination for Chemical Engineers. High performing engineering schools from the Region with 10 or more examinees were UP-Visayas and University of Saint La Salle. The Region passing percentage was 44.93%. This is lower than the national passing average.

The PRC Board of Electrical Engineering announced that 64.4%, passed the Electrical Engineer Licensure Examination in September 2021. Jaj Hiponia Sentina of Central Philippine University, Iloilo City ranked number 2 in the said examination for Electrical Engineers. High performing engineering schools from the Region were Garcia College of Technology, University of Saint La Salle, Central Philippine University, University of Negros Occidental – Recoletos and STI-West Negros University. The Region passing percentage was 52.99%. This is lower than the national passing average.

The PRC Board of Midwifery announced that 51.18%, passed the Midwife Licensure Examination in November 2021. Iloilo Doctors’ College ranked number 2 in the top performing schools with 50 or more examinees and with at least 85% passing percentage. Furthermore, Marie Joy Cristhel Navarrosa Nacor of Iloilo Doctors’ College ranked number 3 in the said examination. Cindy Villadore Gequilasao, Star J-Lyn Payas Mercado and Judilyn Tabello Vergara also of Iloilo Doctors’ College ranked number 6, 9 and 10 respectively in the said examination. The Region passing percentage was 87%. This is higher than the national average.

(To be continued)