10 suspects charged for Diergos’ murder

By Jennifer P. Rendon

Ten suspects were charged for the killing of businesswoman Claire Diergos.

The Special Investigation Team (SIT) Diergos said eight suspects were identified while two were “John Does.”

Colonel Gilbert Gorero, Iloilo police chief, said the case was filed late Wednesday afternoon at the Iloilo Provincial Prosecutors Office.

But Gorero said they could not publicly name the suspects, since the case is still at the prosecution level.

On Tuesday, only 4 affidavits of the 10 witnesses were subscribed.

The case was filed immediately after all affidavits were subscribed on Wednesday.

Gorero confirmed that some “individuals” wanted to get a copy of the subscribed statements.

“We are not hiding this but, as per request of the family, we opted not to broadcast what moves we are taking,” he said.

Gorero admitted that what they have is circumstantial evidence but the testimonies of the witnesses have coordinated with the evidence that they gathered like CCTV footage.

“It’s a murder case because it appeared that the killing is premeditated,” he said.

It was around early December 2021 when the SIT Diergos said that the case folder is up for review and evaluation of PNP legal counsels.

As early as end November 2021, the investigators wrapped up the necessary documents and evidence from the primary crime scene (Diergos’ house at Deca Homes in Pavia, Iloilo) and the secondary crime scene at Barangay Inangayan, Sta. Barbara (the area where Diergos’ vehicle – a Mitsubishi Montero Sport SUV with license plate WRQ-846 – was found).

Earlier, the SIT said at least three suspects might be charged for Diergos’ killing.

The body of 36-year-old Diergos was found inside a sports utility vehicle (SUV) afternoon of Oct 26, 2021 in Sta. Barbara, Iloilo.

She died of two stab injuries and an incise wound on her neck. She also suffered two hesitation, or tentative stab wounds on her left hand, specifically on her palm, and two incise wounds on her right thumb.

Diergos also suffered scalp hematoma on the left side of her head and another hematoma on her right thigh.

Meanwhile, with the filing of the case, Gorero said this proved that the SIT has not been sitting on the case.

“There are a lot of factors to be considered. The most important one is how to secure the witnesses to testify in court,” he said.

The pressure on the police was apparent that two resolutions were passed by two local government units urging the PNP to file the case immediately.

But some sources regarded this as a move in futility.

“In the first, I don’t think the team will just simply let the killers go away. I don’t know their purpose for such resolution. Ano abi nila ginatulugan ang kaso and by filing the resolution mahulag dayon?” the source said.

The source said these politicians could have asked SIT Diergos for the factors that snagged the filing of the case.

“From there, they could have known what they could do to help,” the source said.