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By: Jose B. Maroma

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As we choke in the toxic air of corruption lacing the social atmosphere these days, let’s take a breather and play little mental games to soothe our weary minds. I did my own spoof and I hope I don’t offend anyone with my light-hearted take on the worsening problem in our society.

Here are some types of characters associated with corruption in government:


Type A –Really incorruptible. Rock-solid, spiritually strong. Can’t be corrupted no matter how tempting the inducement.

Type B – Apparently straight, not by choice but by circumstance. Never been exposed to temptation, never encountered an opportunity to be corrupted, never been tried nor tested. Begs the question, “what if …..”?

Type C – Potentially corrupt. Almost capitulated but, luckily, the threshold of resistance was not breached.

Type D – “Mildly” corrupt and not overly greedy, smart enough and was never caught.

Type E –Bashfully corrupt, never asks but receives with reluctance.

Type F – Corrupt but does not feel guilty about it because “everybody else is doing it.” Satisfied with “normal” SOPs and “for the boys.”

Type G –I’d rather not characterize further. Words would be too harsh.


Sometimes I ask myself, “If I were similarly situated, would I have been corrupted too?”  It’s a question hard to answer. Maybe yes to a certain degree, maybe no. It’s difficult to claim exemption because, after all, we ordinary mortals vary only in our degree of resistance to temptation. That’s why in times when we reach a crossroads, we need to pray for discernment. Correct decision-making is not a given. We need the strength of body and spirit, we need to fear a higher spiritual being, and we need the support of family and friends. We need to reach out for wisdom and courage and, above all, integrity.


The author is a retired civil engineer from Cabatuan, Iloilo. He likes to spend his time reading and writing on the burning issues of the day